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The Best Travel Watch – Seiko 8X23

Keeping track of the local time is essential when you travel. While you of course can physically change the time of your watch, there are some watches out there that can do this for you – fully automatically!

Seiko introduced its Astro line of GPS Sun oriented time pieces back in 2012, and since then the watches have turned out to be known for their energy saving capabilities and common sense.

And in this Spring, Seiko presented the new Bore 8X23 series to its Astro line. The new watches has a slimmer case and a spotless dial design that enables clients to see the present local time.

As per Suzuki Kawasaki, the chairman of Seiko Japan, the organization made the collection to address the issues of business men who frequently wind up in different time zones a few times each month. The series is perfect for the individuals who need a watch that can stay aware of their demanding travel plans.

Costs for the time pieces in the new collection extend from $1,800 to $2,500, contingent upon the style and model.

The time pieces can conform to whenever zone with the single touch, and they all have integrated GPS sunlight modules. The watches can retain different light structures, not simply daylight,. The only downside is that they constantly needs to be worn, if not they will stop. The mechanics inside is wound by the movement of your body. However this issue can be overcome if you buy a reliable watch winder.

Moreover, when GPS signals are received, you’ll see the second hand on the watch begin moving before it shows the present time. The GPS sunlight based module stores the assimilated energy into a self-energizing battery, and a charge level is shown on the dial.

The slimmer case on this new series implies that the antenna for the GPS signal is smaller. Hence, the expanded handling energy of the circuit in the GPS module takes into consideration more grounded gathering.

The new Seiko series additionally has a scheduler that doesn’t need to be corrected until February 29, 2101. It’s precise down to one second every 1 million years!

In addition, the user can show both their local and home time on the screen. The time pieces are water-safe up to about 400 ft.

Moreover, other design components incorporates a titanium covering with dark plastic, an earthenware bezel, sapphire gem with clear covering, and a titanium arm jewelery with super-hard covering. The SSE087 additionally displays a hued mother-of-pearl dial and an artistic and titanium wrist trinket with a three-crease fasten and push catch discharge.

Very impressive!

Finally, this watch is not the only one in this collection. The organization has over 50 watches in its Astro GPS Sun powered collection.

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